Sunday, September 15th, 2019 - Bhakti Yoga Workshop
3-Hour Immersion Course @hivetribe386 lead by
Elizabeth Padma AnandaMa @eclovemusic  


Class will be held from 1-4pm. A light vegan lunch and hot chai tea will be served midway through the class. This course will deepen your personal meditation practice as we move forward into the fall season.

We will explore the deeper, sacred concepts of Bhakti Yoga, Mantras, Fire Ceremony + Japa Bead Meditations on handmade rose bead malas by @devotionrosebeads Each participant will receive a 27-Bead Wrist Mala as part of their workshop class fee. These are extremely rare, unique and very high vibration. Elizabeth hand makes each bead + strings every mala as part of her devotional work. Her coaching time for the workshop is a donation. Each one teach one is the path of bhakti yoga... therefore we extend our hearts in the service of community.

The immersion offers a light amount of asana + deep breathing techniques to set the body for a seated meditation practice... while the main focus of the workshop will be to dive into the power of Japa, mantra, kirtan and devotional prayer chanting. 


Bhakti Yoga is essentially considered to be the limb of yoga that focuses on opening up to the Divine Nature within our hearts and honoring the Beloved. We will also connect with that loving energy through Rumi Oracle Cards and poetry. You will get a chance to develop an intuitive language and receive guidance on a personal mantra/affirmation. My goal as a coach is that you are able to gain a wider understanding of Sanskrit mantra, controlling the mind/breathe and opening the heart by getting out of your own way. 


If you want to reserve a space, I am accepting Venmo payments for the deposits of $27 per seat @EC-Love (balance for the total cost of the workshop will be collected the day of at the studio). 

To participate, please respond via email submission below or directly DM me with questions + follow my Insta page @eclovemusic for updates! 


Follow @hivetribe386  Hive Tribe Yoga Studio 386 New York Ave, Huntington NY and get signed up  Space is limited to 11 students, so if you want a seat in the first workshop of this kind on Long Island... please do not hesitate to contact me. Exchange for workshop is $108 per person

It is an honor + privilege to pass on ancient meditation practices in the lineage of my satsang with the new foundation of my local tribe + yoga shala. If you want a sample of my musical chanting + kirtan style (Bhakti Shakti Kirtan 108 Live Videos), check out my YouTube page and explore! .



Namaste 🙏🏼 I bow to you

Spread the light, spread the love ❤️

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